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Taking the Gospel to the World

Through the resources of media we'll reach everyone with the Good News of Jesus Christ. To God be the Glory!

Warfare Confession

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The Long

Way Home

The world is lost. People are dying but God's got an answer - Jesus Christ. He has made a way for all humanity to find favor in His sight and receive abundant life. It's not by religious works but by believing on the only begotten Son of God. Don't worry. Let's rest in Him.

The Long Way Home series



People Bondage

Current WEDNESDAY  Series



We live in a fear filled world. As a result many of us are afraid to talk to our neighbors, socialize in groups, and at times even going to the door can be horrifying. What do we do? Well the answer is embedded in the rich Word of God and together we'll discover how to become free from the torment of fear.


Prayer and Authority